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In 1997 ,the business owner Mr. Yuelong Chen built electroplating factory named Yongkang Yuelong Electroplating Factory and provided electroplating sevice for the hardware and plastic industry. The technology and quality is recognized and Mr. Chen himself is renowned engineer in the metal process and electroplating, who is born in the hardware city of Yongkang, Jinhua.

In 2007, the ground rods was recommended in by US customer and specialized in ground rod manufacturing since then. 

In the same year, the UL certificate was obtained from the USA Underwriters Laboratory Inc. With quality certificate, our ground rods are widely exported to the United States and other high quality demand countries. Waht's more,We are also the earliest Chinese ground rods manufacturer and exporter with UL certificates. Our export supply was around 120 x 20ft GP containers at that time, value about 4.5 million US.Dollars, and domestic sales was also extradinary bullish, which turnover was around 30 million CNY.

In 2009, in order to be professional lightning protection products provider and project bidder, we modified company name to Jinhua City New Hangsun Lightning Protection Equipment Co., Ltd, which has the qualification to bid in any projects. In order to win big tenders, we applied UL certification through our new name.And we also developed the grounding product series,such us grounding conductor,made by horizontal contineous electroplating facility invented by ourselves,and grounding connection hardware parts.

From 2009 to 2014, we have been awarded many international big tenders for grounding system, such as copper bond ground rods, connectors, grounding conductor, etc. For example, in 2011,we won the ground rod supply contract in Cuba, supplying 15 x 20GP containers ground rods and connectors, of which the contract value surpasses $ 500,000.00 and in 2012,we won the two ground rod supply contracts for a power project in Dominican Republic ,of which the total contract value exceeds $ 1,150,000.00 .These are big supply in the grounding system industry in the world. But ,we can win these contracts is because our quality can meet any international standards ,competitive price and fast delivery.

Currently, we have been developed to an expertise and competitive manufacturer of grounding system. The competitiveness is that our newly invented horizontal electroplating production lines need less operators or workers. The efficiency is comparatively higher and quality is stable. It differentiates our electroplating technology from general ways. It’s the cutting edge technology competing with one of the US manufacturer.

In 2014, we are taking the initiative to be green electroplating. We are to be the real pioneer to be environmental friendly factory , echoing the governments guidelines. No waste water will be dipped into ground .Waste water can really be recycled. All these honors belongs to our engineering team .Only in this way can we ensure stable and consistent supply of products.

We warmly welcome old and new customers for inquiry and cooperation!

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